To ensure your well-being, we are completely redesigning the Economy cabin,
a space designed for your comfort and relaxation.

A comfortable and elegant seat

Your seat is upholstered in navy blue with red embroidery. Specially designed pillows accent our stylish cabin. We also offer a fleece blanket and comfortable accessories.

Get comfortable: there is ample room for your legs and you can incline the headrest as desired. The armrest is fully retractable (on most seats) when your seatback is in both the upright and inclined positions.

Practical accessories

Practicality reigns throughout the cabin. A cup holder is available for your beverage even when your tray table is folded. A special hook is provided to stow your headphones. You can also take advantage of the large seatback pocket in front of you to store your magazines and books. Electrical outlets are available in your row, and a USB port is located under your screen so you can stay connected.

A new high-definition touch screen

C’est si simple (It’s so easy) to enjoy our entertainment! Tap your screen (like a tablet) to access your entertainment selection, available in 12 languages. Your entertainment program is updated every month and includes movies, documentaries, TV series and cartoons.


Discover the new Economy cabin using our virtual tour platform. Explore a space designed to optimize your comfort and tranquility.

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